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The Mikado in NoHo

The Mikado is a surprising bargain. The hotel feels like something form the 1960's with its Japanese theme. I was a little worried when I booked it based on the reviews I read but I decided to give it a shot. If you want something upscale this is not for you. If you want a clean fun room with a Japanese sensibility at a low price for Los Angeles then this is for you.

The rooms were a little worn. Some repairs were needed, but I didn't care. A little peeling wallpaper was fine by me.

The staff were friendly, but be warned the 3pm check in is 3pm. Not 2:55pm 3pm. I found this amusing. I got there at noon and had to jump on a conference call and they found me a quiet place to take it and hld my bags after till 3 while I explored my childhood neighborhoods.

There were complimentary sandals. All in all I liked it, but I am adventurous and don't need many amenities beyond a clean bed.

The neighborhood is probably a little sketchy for some but I felt safe. The hotel was certainly safe and the other guests were not sketchy.

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