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Trump Grounds the 737 Max

Safety in the air is important to all of us and as most of the world banned or grounded the Boeing 737 Max planes,The US government and Boeing kept saying they were safe. Even as Pilots and Flight Attendants were begging for then to be grounded the US did not budge. However, after facing mounting pressure from the rest of the world, President Donald Trump said that his administration was ordering Boeing 737 Max jets grounded until more information is gathered about the crash of an Ethiopian aircraft.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the decision was driven by new evidence that had been collected at the sight of the crash on Wednesday. This with new satellite data led to the grounding decision.

Daniel Elwell acting FAA Administrator told reporters that "Since this accident occurred we were resolute that we would not take action until we had data". "That data coalesced today."

Elwell said the new data showed a similarities with the earlier Lion Air crash.

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